This project involved the development of a replacement dwelling to a former single storey property at Llandudno Junction, Conwy. 

With breath taking south facing views across the Conwy River, the design solution had to ensure that each room took advantage of the surrounding landscape.

Due to the original property being carved into a rock ledge our working area and property position was limited to that of the original dwelling. Therefore we truly had to work with the landscape and produce architectural design details to find a deliverable solution. 

The rear and side of the site formed a raised outcrop with the other side falling down to a lower plateau of 7m, meaning the principle elevation was fixed and had to consider cantilevering sections out across the land that fell away.

This cantilevered section allowed us to create additional floor area and then subsequently provide a stairwell to a first floor to produce a 4 bedroom property with walk in wardrobes and ensuite provision. It also gave us a structure to incorporate balconies from the living space to address the lack of garden amenity.

The use of a sedum ‘green roof’ mono-pitch solution meant we were able to reduce visual impact on the additional storey to existing properties at the rear which were elevated from our position.

Based on the entrance being fixed to the existing driveway we introduced a slate ‘fin’ that carved through the entrance elevation creating a dramatic Architectural feature, whilst also serving as a visual break between the primary day to day entrance and the rear utility entrance. This ensured that the main pedestrian elevation did not become confused and appear ill thought through.

The finished proposal was very exciting and working close with Conwy Council we gained supportive comments on both the design and principle of the development.

Residential Development

Llandudno, Conwy