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Commercial Architecture

Commercial architecture isn’t just building for businesses – we consider any development that has a primary purpose of generating revenue to be commercial. While this can relate to building offices and commercial spaces, it just as easily applies to housing developments and care home facilities.
We believe that modern commercial architecture is not just about creating eye-catching structures; it’s about creating places that inspire innovation, drive efficiency, and improve the environments in which we live and work.

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Commercial architecture involves the design and execution of spaces that are designed to generate revenue, whether through the sale of the developed property, or the work that goes on within. This broad-reaching sector is present in may forms, from office buildings, housing developments, retail shops, and eateries to healthcare facilities and educational institutions. It requires a deep understanding of both the practical needs of businesses and the aesthetic appeal for clients and customers.

At Base, we offer comprehensive commercial architectural services. Our approach includes the entire construction design and construction process – from managing planning permissions and meeting regulatory requirements, to overseeing the development from inception to completion.

As commercial architecture experts, we don’t simply design buildings, we aim to actively contribute to the success of the development.

Why Choose Base

For Commercial Architecture?

Our approach is practical and oriented towards solutions. Our team of architects and designers are adept at navigating intricate planning permissions, balancing aesthetics and practicality in commercial architecture.
We see ourselves as more than service providers; we’re partners to our clients. By maintaining open lines of communication, we assure a joint journey from the original concept to the final build. We consider all angles of commercial architecture, from design to practical completion, making a partnership with us more than just an architectural service; it’s an experience that exceeds expectations.

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Let’s create
something Amazing

We do more than create beautiful spaces—we build strong foundations for successful project execution.

Let’s work together to turn your architectural plans into reality, handled with utmost professionalism and expertise.

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