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Grand Designs / Paragraph 84

Our award-winning architectural practice has two decades of experience navigating the complex planning policies surrounding Paragraph 84 projects. Once known as Paragraph 80, also as Paragraph 79 and earlier, Paragraph 55, these projects call for superior design and a positive impact on the immediate surroundings.

We specialise in creating exceptional designs for high-quality dwellings that adhere to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Paragraph 84 criteria.

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Paragraph 84 provides a unique opportunity to construct contemporary homes in rural settings.

Unlike typical planning permissions, clause (e) of Paragraph 84 centres on exceptional, site-sensitive designs that enhance the surrounding landscape. Our team possesses the specialist knowledge to handle the unique challenges posed by these distinctive projects.

What is NPPF Paragraph 84?

The NPPF contains the UK government’s planning policies for development. Paragraph 84 specifically governs individual house design in rural settings. It demands dwellings of outstanding quality that stand significantly above contemporary architectural standards, while also enhancing the context of the dwelling.

Achieving Paragraph 84 consent requires meeting stringent criteria. Proposed houses must:

– Demonstrate truly exceptional, site-sensitive contemporary architecture
– Significantly improve their immediate rural setting
– Incorporate renewable energy, low carbon technology and excellent insulation

Our expertise ensures these demanding requirements become opportunities for pioneering, sustainable projects. Our Paragraph 84 homes set new benchmarks in design.

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Why Choose Base

for Your Paragraph 84 Project?

Succeeding with Paragraph 84 projects requires extensive knowledge and a bold creative vision. Our 20-year track record of delivering boundary pushing designs for our clients makes us ideal partners to handle this challenge.

We deeply understand these projects, and have consistently secured consent through intelligent design, thorough preparation and determined negotiation. We collaborate closely with clients, translating bold ideas into built realities.

Sustainability is at the very heart of our practice. While not specific to Paragraph 84, our renewable energy and low carbon solutions minimise environmental impact on the nearby surroundings. We aim to create ecologically responsible architecture wherever possible, and this strengthens our prospects of gaining consent under Paragraph 84.

Paragraph 84 represents the pinnacle of harmonious design. By choosing us, your project will not just achieve this high standard but redefine it.

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Let’s create
something Amazing

We do more than create beautiful spaces—we build strong foundations for successful project execution. Let’s work together to turn your architectural plans into reality, handled with utmost professionalism and expertise.

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