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Listed Building Architects

Realise the potential of your listed building with architectural solutions shaped from a solid foundation of experience and delivered with the future in mind. Your architectural journey starts here at Base, where we aim to meet the challenge of combining the prestige of listed buildings with new potential. Together, let’s write the next chapter in your building’s historical narrative.

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Listed Building Renovation

Renovating a listed building is an architectural pursuit that not only requires precision and skill, but an acute understanding of history, culture, and detailed regulations that need to be followed. At Base, we bring two decades of experience to the table in addressing the unique challenges in this particular class of building renovations.
Grade II listed buildings in England and Wales form the largest category of listed buildings. These are structures of special historic interest, warranting every effort to ensure their preservation. Our role as listed building architects is to guide you through the labyrinth of restrictions and regulations associated specifically with these unique properties — from obtaining the right planning permissions to ensuring precious architectural details are preserved and careful repairs are made where needed.

Nothing quite compares to the charm and character of a well-preserved, thoughtfully renovated listed building. Our renovations aim to uncover and highlight the rich heritage, while introducing modern conveniences in a sensitive and thoughtful manner.

The result? A perfectly balanced blend of the old and new, where seamless architecture meets respect for heritage, and your contemporary requirements are met without compromising history’s aesthetic imprint.

We believe that reviving the past doesn’t mean restricting the future. We carefully draw a balance between the time-honoured and the contemporary, breathing new life into each listed building project we are involved with.

Why Choose Base

as Your Listed Building Architects?

Entrusting your listed building project to Base means more than simply hiring an architect – it is a choice to partner with a team that treats each listing with the reverence it deserves.

When tackling the nuanced regulations linked with listed building renovations, we extend more than just expert guidance and creative design solutions. We also extend the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project aligns fully with all required regulations.

At Base, your vision is our mission. We mirror your ambitions and aspirations onto every project, safeguarding your interests throughout the process. We offer a tailored approach, understanding that every listed building is unique with its own set of challenges and possibilities. 

Let’s create
something Amazing

We do more than create beautiful spaces—we build strong foundations for successful project execution. Let’s work together to turn your architectural plans into reality, handled with utmost professionalism and expertise.

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