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How Much Does an Orangery Cost? Orangery Extension Costs Explained


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How Much Does an Orangery Cost? Orangery Extension Costs Explained

An orangery extension can transform your home, creating a stunning and unique living space that adds value and character to your property. However, understanding the costs involved is crucial for planning and budgeting. This guide breaks down the typical costs associated with building an orangery extension in the UK. 

How much should I spend on an orangery?

Before you decide how much to spend on adding an orangery to your home, it’s important to understand your project goals and initial plans for the extension. A key factor in determining the final cost is the size of the orangery. Typically, you can expect to pay the following:

Small Orangery (15-20m²): £20,000 – £30,000

Medium Orangery (25-30m²): £30,000 – £50,000

Large Orangery (35-40m²): £50,000 – £70,000

Once you have an idea of the size and scale of the project, you can then work with an architect to understand how much it’ll cost. 

Speak to an architect 

Orangeries vs conservatory cost comparisons

Unlike a traditional conservatory or flat roof light extension, an orangery differs in that it draws its design influences from a more robust, distinctive structure. First designed in the 17th Century to house citrus trees in Europe, an orangery can be identified by its robust structure which incorporates solid brick pillars, large windows and a large glass roof lantern. 

Cost considerations for an orangery extension 

Due to their year-round use, orangeries must be fully fitted with quality insulation, and depending on your project, you will need to install electrics, plumbing and window fittings in order for the space to be suitable for use. Many homeowners wish to extend their kitchen with an orangery kitchen extension, which will require additional material costs as well as architectural fees. Interior fittings must be considered too; this will naturally vary between projects, but a high-quality build such as a living-dining orangery will require a kitchen redesign or refit. 

For a more detailed understanding of the cost of an orangery, speak to our expert architects. Our friendly and dedicated team will discuss your project to help you understand the costs involved.

Factors affecting the cost of an orangery 

The construction prices for an orangery extension greatly determine the overall price you will pay. Although the above cost estimates consider an average cost of an orangery by size, the final cost of the project will depend on a variety of factors, which we’ve listed below. 

Foundational work: This includes costs for building the foundations, adding drainage and any additional groundwork to make the orangery safe and suitable for use. 

Labour costs: This includes any labourer services including bricklaying, concrete laying, carpentry, building, electricity fitting, window fitting, painting and plastering, carpet fitting and plumbing.

Building materials: This includes bricks, timber, roof tiles, concrete, double glazing, windows and doors, roof lanterns, insulation materials, and more.

Internal additions: This includes any new furniture, kitchen cabinets, light fittings, soft furnishings, seating or electrical appliances.

Service fees: This includes any planning application fees, solicitor fees, architectural design fees, interior design fees, project management fees, and more. 

Time scales: The complexity of the build will determine the timescale, but the longer the project takes, the more labour costs will be involved. An average orangery extension can take anything from 12 to 16 weeks. 

No matter your project scope, BASE architects will work with you to help finalise your dream orangery extension. With streamlined and communicative project management from start to finish, design and build the ultimate orangery extension with BASE. 

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