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Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualisation, also known as architectural rendering, is a keystone of our design process that allows you to visualise the entire project in detail, giving you the unique opportunity to experience your space before it physically exists.

We generate three-dimensional models that mirror your project’s proposed aesthetics, functionality, and feel. This detailed representation serves as a powerful tool for decision-making, enabling adjustments and refinements to be made efficiently before construction begins.

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Architectural visualisation is a detailed, digital representation of a proposed design. Traditionally, architectural visualisation was a manual process, using pencil, paper and markers on a drafting board. As technology has advanced, this process has become largely digitised, allowing our expert team to create highly realistic, three-dimensional visualisations.

There are different types of 3D visualisation, each serving a distinct purpose and audience. The most popular forms we use include photo-realistic renders, which simulates lighting and materials to present an image similar to a photograph, and non-photorealistic renders, which stylises the image giving it a more artistic flair.

Our process primarily makes use of 3D modelling and texturing, enhanced by real-world lighting and atmospheric effects. This results in a vibrant, captivating experience encompassing all the intricacies of your project – from the overall structure down to the details of interior and exterior finishes.

In essence, 3D visualisation shows what is possible, providing clarity and understanding of the final outcome, thus facilitating effective decision making.

Why choose

Base for Architectural Visualisation?

At Base, we ensure that the 3D visualisation process is executed carefully, passionately, and uniquely, allowing your vision to reflect in every detail of your project. When you choose Base for your architectural visualisation needs, you stand to benefit in the following ways:

With over twenty years in the business, we’re industry veterans who combine traditional knowledge with modern techniques, giving your project an edge in design and execution.

We utilise cutting-edge technology to create high precision 3D models for an immersive, realistic preview of your project

Our team of architects brings a unique blend of technical precision and creative vision, ensuring each image is not just accurate, but also artistically engaging.

Our 3D visualisation presents a comprehensive view of your project, including its surrounding geography, allowing for an informed, well-rounded view of how your design fits into its environment.

We provide a turnkey solution, taking you from the initial design stage to securing planning permission, with architectural rendering forming an instrumental part of the journey.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative ethos and open channels of communication, which means you’ll be kept in the loop at every stage of the project.

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Our commitment for each project is to deliver clear, precise visuals brought to life by experts who approach every project with the same level of care, precision, and imagination that has led us to receive industry recognition and awards throughout our twenty year history.

Architectural site plan rendering is a visual representation of a project that encompasses not just the proposed building, but also the surrounding environment. It presents a view of the project layout within its planned site, giving stakeholders a comprehensive perspective of how the structure will harmonise with its environment.

Unlike standard 3D visualisation, which focuses primarily on the building itself, site plan rendering considers elements such as landscaping, access points, parking, and impact on the surrounding area. It provides a holistic preview of the project, helping planners, investors, and future occupants understand its full scale and scope within a wider context.

We are keen on capturing the smallest details – from pathways, gardens, and parking spaces to trees, shadows, and neighbouring buildings. This attention to detail not only exhibits the project’s contextual relationship, but also serves as a visual testimony to our comprehensive planning strategy.

Architectural Site Plan Rendering

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