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House Extensions

With more than 20 years of experience, we are recognised for helping our clients skillfully adapt their homes to meet their current and future needs. Our design scope ranges from subtle additions to grander scale expansions, constructed with the objective to enhance your living space and potentially bolster your property’s market value.

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Our process starts with a detailed consultation to understand your needs and aspirations for your property. This allows us to go on create an initial design, in which we incorporate your requirements along with considerations of space usage, structural restrictions, and aesthetic appeal.

Once we have a finalised design that you’re satisfied with, we proceed to obtain the required planning permission or certificate of lawful development from the appropriate local council. We then develop construction drawings that conform to the key health, safety, welfare, convenience, and sustainability standards dictated by building regulations, ensuring your extension meets all necessary criteria.

With planning permission and building regulation approvals in place, we enter the tender and construction phase. During this stage of the project, we help you appoint a preferred contractor, manage contracts, oversee quality, and ensure adherence to timelines, while also ensuring swift and clear communication between all stakeholders.

The final outcome? Your envisioned extension, taken from a once-abstract concept through to a resplendent, lived-in space.

Why Consider

a House Extension?

The prospect of a house extension can pave the way for a sensible and fulfilling investment, reshaping your home’s aesthetic, comfort and utility. Here are a few reasons why:

Augmentation of Living Space
One key benefit of extensions is boosting the available living space in your home. Whether your family is growing, or you wish to add significant visual enhancements and technological upgrades to your property, an extension provides the extra room you need.

Enhancing Property Value
A well-executed house extension can potentially enhance your property’s market value. Additional functional space is viewed positively by potential buyers, meaning that the potential for financial gain does merit consideration, if and when you decide to move home.

Side-stepping the Hassle of Moving
House extensions can eliminate the need to relocate. The process of moving house can be arduous and a considerable financial burden. By choosing to extend your existing home, it can offer a more economical and practical way to gain additional living space.

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Why Choose

Base for Your Home Extension?

Throughout our twenty years, and with a diverse portfolio extending across England and Wales, we have gained a detailed understanding of the processes associated with extending homes. Our experience ensures a smooth transition from initial consultation to the final build. 

All-encompassing Services
We handle and coordinate virtually all aspects of a home extension, from the initial designs, and securing planning permission, to contract administration that oversees the construction phase of the project. Our aim is to bridge the gap between your vision, and the expertise required to execute it.

Award-Winning Practice
Our commitment to architectural excellence and client satisfaction has seen us gain a number of awards and accolades. Take a look at our projects page to see some of our most recent work.

Let’s create
something Amazing

Each home and homeowner is unique, and we understand this. We offer a personalised service tailored to your specific needs and aspirations, while also facilitating structural, spatial and regulatory factors.

Types of House Extensions

To pinpoint the kind of extension that best suits your needs and your property’s restrictions, we carefully explore all potential options, integrating them into the existing structure. At the same time, we ensure full compliance with regulations and obtain the necessary permissions.

The typical options for house extensions are shown opposite:

As the name indicates, a single-storey extension expands your home at ground level. Ideal for creating an additional room or expanding existing spaces on the ground floor, these could be tailored as front, side, or rear extensions based on your specific requirements and available room.

For those who require additional room on both levels, double-storey extensions are preferred. Extremely helpful if you’re looking to add bedrooms, bathrooms or larger communal spaces, these not only offer a substantial space increase but also boost your property’s value significantly.

Wrap-around extensions combine side return and rear extensions to provide a comprehensive solution, wrapping around your property. This versatile option is fantastic for creating optimised open-plan living spaces.

First-floor extensions are ideal for utilising pre-existing structures that currently only make up a single-story part of the home. They’re a cost-effective solution, leveraging the existing footprint to create an additional room.

For those with a preference for natural light and a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, glass facades and orangeries are an attractive option to consider when extending the home. These additional living spaces can serve as highly unique and enticing areas of a dwelling, blurring the distinction between the interior and the exterior.

Planning Permission

for House Extensions

Whether your expansion plans are small or large-scale, it’s critical to secure the relevant planning consent to avoid potential issues or legal implications. While permitted development can offer numerous extension possibilities, it’s always wise to confirm your options before any work commences.

Factors such as the property’s location, proposed project size, potential impact on neighbouring properties or the environment can dictate the necessity for planning permission or a confirmation of lawful development . 

Your property’s status as listed or being situated in a conservation area will also bring additional considerations from a planning perspective.

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