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Site Plans

A vital aspect of architectural design, architectural site plans consist of a detailed birds-eye-view diagram of a proposed development, providing a clear understanding of how buildings, landscapes, parking areas, pedestrian paths, and other features will come together in a specific parcel of land.

Balancing modern innovation with traditional methods, our architectural site plans do far more than depict the physical elements of a project. We consider everything from vehicular and pedestrian access to topography and the wider environment, to ensure an optimal blend between the new structure and its surroundings.

How We Handle

Site Plans

Architectural site plans are comprehensive, and clearly demonstrate where each proposed feature, whether a building, area of public open space, or road, should be located on the site. But why exactly do we use site plans in architecture?

By placing site plan architecture at the heart of our practice, we ensure our designs not only meet functional and aesthetic goals, but also adhere to legal requirements, environmental consciousness, efficiency standards, and above all, your vision. Our team is meticulous in their process and attentive to each detail, ensuring that our architectural site plans offer a clear view of the plans for the project.

A detailed architectural site plan transforms the abstract into concrete, providing a tangible representation of the envisaged project. This helps everyone involved – clients, architects, and contractors – to visualise the final outcome, unifying their understanding and expectations.

A comprehensively detailed site plan is a prerequisite when seeking planning permission. The plan demonstrates to the regulatory authority how the project will conform to existing guidelines and regulations, helping avoid costly delays or amendments.

Good architecture respects its surroundings. A robust site plan allows architects to consider elements like topography, natural light and prevailing winds along with the wider environment  to ensure the new development integrates seamlessly and respectfully within its surroundings.

By plotting out details such as utility routing, circulation paths and space optimisation in advance, architectural site plans can identify potential challenges and opportunities early in the wider design process. This proactive approach can significantly improve project efficiency and provide valuable insights for cost management.

A well-crafted architectural site plan acts as a valuable communication tool, supporting collaboration by providing a clear, visual representation of the project that all team members can reference, eliminating ambiguity and promoting effective teamwork.

Why Choose

Base for Site Plan Architecture Services?

Choosing Base for your site plan architecture services means partnering with a firm that is as invested in your project’s success as you are. Our decades-long experience in the industry, coupled with a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of design and service, has resulted in an unmatched portfolio of successful projects spanning both residential and commercial sectors.

Our team of skilled architects and designers will help you take your vision from concept to a detailed site plan that effectively communicates your ideas to all stakeholders, from planning committees to site contractors. These comprehensive plans provide a solid foundation and a clear roadmap, and a complete overview of the site in its entirety.

Let’s create
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At Base, we offer an end-to-end service in architectural site plan creation and 3D imagery, no matter the size or complexity of the project. We’ll help you bring your vision to life with innovative design, unmatched precision, and a personal touch.

What to Expect From

an Initial Consultation

Within any consultation it is imperative that we get to know a potential client, understand their aspirations and consider what constraints and other factors would need to be addressed within any potential design concept.

Design is an exceptionally subjective topic, but there are always factors such as scale, mass and positioning that directly influence a good or poor design.

Our consultations look to address this by physically reviewing the site in question alongside its surroundings. From this initial visit and engagement will form the basis of an appraisal so that we are able to advise our potential clients on options, approach and project requirements.

With our planning & application services we can also look to manage the project team and collate all the documentation required for the appropriate planning submission. Should you have a planning agent already appointed we can very comfortably work with your existing team focusing on the architectural package of works.

Following an initial consultation we will put together a formal proposal that will clearly break down your initial project brief and how we would look to approach and deliver your project.

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