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Architectural Feasibility Studies

We take pride in offering our clients an in-depth and versatile feasibility study aimed at ensuring that every aspect of their project is meticulously evaluated and planned.

Our service begins with a thorough on-site evaluation, followed by a comprehensive study of site context, existing planning conditions (if any), legal covenants, planning constraints, and potential environmental impacts.

We consider every possible facet, including density options, construction costs, anticipated project duration, return on investment, and other potential market trends that might inflate costs or demand.

Each feasibility study is accompanied by a detailed report, informing you of the various opportunities and challenges they might encounter along the way.

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What is a

Feasibility Study?

An architectural feasibility study, as its name suggests, is a feasibility study that examines the practicability of a proposed project, idea, or plan. It delves into the details of whether a project is technically achievable, financially justifiable, and economically viable, taking into consideration all factors at play – legal requirements, site conditions, market trends, potential risks, and more.
In an architectural context, a feasibility study involves a comprehensive evaluation of a site’s potential or a building’s capacity for redevelopment or renovation. We closely scrutinise site constraints, contextual relationships, regulatory compliance, environmental impact, construction methodology, and potential return on investment where there are commercial interests involved.
The feasibility study acts as a pivotal decision-making tool, enabling clients to thoroughly understand their project’s feasibility from multiple perspectives – be it architectural, economic, or regulatory. Therefore, this step acts as a point of focus, influencing the project’s trajectory and overall success.

Our expansive knowledge and extensive experience ensures that your project begins on a solid foundation.

Definition of the project’s parameters, including key objectives, potential sites or properties and budget.

Initial assessment of the site or existing building. Research factors such as the condition, context, environmental impact, and local planning constraints.

Identification of market trends that could impact costs, demand, or project duration.

Development of preliminary design options based on the project’s requirements and constraints.

Evaluation of the viability of the designs with regards to planning policy, building regulations and the construction process.

Analysis of the project’s potential return on investment, taking into account construction costs and potential market trends.

Compilation of all findings into a detailed report which outlines opportunities, challenges, and a clear pathway for the project.

Discussion of the findings with the client, assisting them in making well-informed decisions ahead of making significant commitments.

Why Choose

Base for Your Feasibility Study?

We employ a collaborative approach, where your ideas and needs are integral to, and drive, our feasibility study process. This, blended with our extensive industry knowledge, enables us to provide in-depth, practical, and realistic solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Our team has a deep understanding of the multi-faceted nature of architectural projects, including the social, economic, and environmental aspects.

Our feasibility study service guarantees you a clear, detailed, and honest appraisal of your project from the outset. It equips you with the essential information required for informed decision-making and for charting a path towards a successful project outcome.
The feasibility studies that we provide are essential tools for unlocking possibilities and creating a foundation for success. They are your first step towards transforming your architectural dream into a reality.

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We understand that each project is unique, and so we ensure that our feasibility studies are exhaustively tailored to your project’s specific needs and complexity.

With our careful analysis, you can be assured of full project clarity ahead of any significant commitments, enabling you to make well-informed decisions at project onset.

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