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Contract Administration Services

At Base, we fully understand that the success of a project lies not just in the ingenuity of its design, but also in the effective, meticulous handling of contractual obligations throughout the construction process. We aim to ensure that our projects excel in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, legality and timely execution.

We are closely involved at every stage of the construction process, enabling a seamless transition from design to reality for our clients. 

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What Are

The Duties of a Contract Administrator

Contract administrators have a range of responsibilities, each one ensuring the successful delivery of architectural projects. These tasks span the breadth of a project, from inception to completion, and involve constant interaction and negotiation with a range of stakeholders.

Our Contract Administrators initiate a project by drafting meticulously detailed contracts that outline the scope, cost, timelines, responsibilities and obligations of all parties involved. Overseeing changes and amendments to these documents as the project unfolds is also a key responsibility.

Acting as the central point of communication, our administrators keep open lines of dialogue between all parties, including clients, contractors, suppliers, and consultants to ensure cohesive and collaborative operation.

Ensuring the project adheres to quality standards and specifications outlined in the contract is a crucial task of our administrators. Regular site visits and progress checks are made to uphold these standards.

Administrators meticulously track project progress against the schedule specified in the contract, striving to prevent delays while maintaining flexibility to accommodate any necessary changes.

Overseeing the project’s budget, managing payments to contractors and suppliers, and validating any claims for additional work are important financial duties of our contract administrators.

Unfortunately, conflicts can occur. Our administrators are adept at handling disputes in a fair, timely manner by applying comprehensive contract law knowledge and proficient negotiation skills.

Once a project is completed, our contract administrators ensure every contractual obligation has been fulfilled and facilitate the official project handover to the client.

What to expect from

An initial consultation

Within any consultation it is imperative that we get to know a potential client, understand their aspirations and consider what constraints and other factors would need to be addressed within any potential design concept.

Design is an exceptionally subjective topic, but there are always factors such as scale, mass and positioning that directly influence a good or poor design.

Our consultations look to address this by physically reviewing the site in question alongside its surroundings. From this initial visit and engagement will form the basis of an appraisal so that we are able to advise our potential clients on options, approach and project requirements.

With our planning & application services we can also look to manage the project team and collate all the documentation required for the appropriate planning submission. Should you have a planning agent already appointed we can very comfortably work with your existing team focusing on the architectural package of works.

Following an initial consultation we will put together a formal proposal that will clearly break down your initial project brief and how we would look to approach and deliver your project.

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Let’s create
something Amazing

We do more than create beautiful spaces—we build strong foundations for successful project execution. Let’s work together to turn your architectural plans into reality, handled with utmost professionalism and expertise.

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