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Master Planning Services 

Master planning, also referred to as urban planning or city planning, is a comprehensive long-term strategic process that encompasses a broad vision for the development and growth of an area, whether it’s a single site or an entire city.

It requires consideration for land use, transport, community needs, environment, local culture, economy, and public spaces. It’s about bringing these elements together to create a sustainable and liveable space.

Normally, a master plan is shaped in collaboration with multiple stakeholders including government entities, community members, and other industry professionals. An effective master plan allows for flexibility, making room for changes and adaptations over time to cater for future needs and expansion.

The importance of the master planning process cannot be overstated. It shapes not only the physical structure of a site, but also considers aspects like social equality, economy, and ecological considerations, resulting in dynamic spaces where people can work, play and live.


Master planning process

Master planning is a meticulous process, and over the course of our twenty years, we’ve continuously refined this journey. It’s a collaborative approach involving various stages, all designed to ensure top-tier quality and client satisfaction.

Every project begins with understanding the site and our client’s vision. We take the time to get acquainted with the location and gather as much information as possible about its DNA – location, environment, its socio-economic impact, the available resources, the constraints, and more. Moreover, we delve deep into our client’s vision, goals, and requirements for the project.

An integral step that allows us to fully comprehend the potential challenges and opportunities of the project. We conduct thorough market research, feasibility studies, and demographic analysis. This phase also includes understanding regulatory stipulations, rules and planning necessities for the project.

Based on the thorough research, analysis and understanding of the client’s vision, we produce conceptual designs. These initial designs encapsulate the crucial elements of the master plan such as aesthetics, functionality, and economy.

Following the receipt of feedback on the initial designs, our team refines and develops the concept further. This stage involves producing more detailed drawings that cover both the architectural and landscape elements, addressing any potential, practical issues that may arise during construction.

Understanding that a great development is not isolated, we carefully plan infrastructure, such as highways and access points, drainage, parking, and utilities. In this phase we also scrutinise our designs for smooth vehicular and pedestrian movements, ensuring safe and easy accessibility for all.

Upon receiving client approval on the refined design, we proceed to pull together the comprehensive master plan. This encapsulates all prior discussions and decisions concerning costings, materials, safety, landscape impact, sustainability measures, phasing, and more.

In the final phase, we prepare the documentation of plans, consultant reports, and other necessary paperwork in readiness for either an outline, reserved matters or detailed planning application. We stand by our clients through the process of obtaining the necessary approvals to bring the master plan to fruition, ensuring a seamless journey from the drawing board to breaking ground on site.

Why Choose

Base for Master Planning?  

Selecting Base for master planning services comes down to three points: extensive experience, expertise, and innovation. We believe architecture is not just about buildings but also about creating spaces that connect with people and their needs. 

Throughout our twenty years of industry experience, we have honed our problem-solving skills, ensuring we can swiftly navigate the sometimes complex aspects of master planning. We work comprehensively, creating plans that factor in accessibility, sustainability, and future growth. This can be seen in our extensive portfolio, which demonstrates our deep understanding of the various sectors we work in and our proven ability to deliver holistic architectural solutions. 

We constantly seek out new methodologies, materials, and technology to improve the buildings and spaces we design, striving to exceed expectations and push the boundaries of design and planning.

Rooted in strong ethics, we foster a culture of transparency and integrity. We take pride in open and clear communication with our clients, shaping their dreams into tangible realities with no hidden costs or sudden surprises.

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What to Expect From

An initial consultation

Within any consultation it is imperative that we get to know a potential client, understand their aspirations and consider what constraints and other factors would need to be addressed within any potential design concept.

Design is an exceptionally subjective topic, but there are always factors such as scale, mass and positioning that directly influence a good or poor design.

Our consultations look to address this by physically reviewing the site in question alongside its surroundings. From this initial visit and engagement will form the basis of an appraisal so that we are able to advise our potential clients on options, approach and project requirements.

With our planning & application services we can also look to manage the project team and collate all the documentation required for the appropriate planning submission. Should you have a planning agent already appointed we can very comfortably work with your existing team focusing on the architectural package of works.

Following an initial consultation we will put together a formal proposal that will clearly break down your initial project brief and how we would look to approach and deliver your project.

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Let’s create
something Amazing

Choosing Base means choosing a future of architectural design shaped by forward-thinking sustainability and creativity in every element of our work. Trust in our expertise to create the master plan for your next project, and experience the unrivalled commitment and dedication that sets Base apart.

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