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Planning Appeals

In architecture and construction, dealing with planning permission can often be convoluted and challenging. Any project can be subjected to a range of planning policies and regulations in order to promote suitable development.

However, there are times when authorities may refuse applications or apply stringent conditions, complicating your path to completing your development plans. This is where Base can become an invaluable partner.

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Our team draws on extensive experience and in-depth understanding of planning law to guide you through the appeals process.

Whether you are a homeowner, developer, or a business, we are dedicated to providing our expert knowledge and unwavering support to help overturn unfavourable planning decisions. 

Appealing a Planning Decision

The Planning Inspectorate, an independent government body, handles appeals in England and Wales. The process of obtaining planning permission might sometimes lead to outcomes that are not favourable or even expected. However, it’s important to remember that a refusal is not the final word. The planning application appeals process is designed to offer a second chance at approval.

At Base, we manage planning application appeals for those who have had their proposals initially turned down, or approved with conditions they feel are unreasonable. Also catered for are those affected by non-determination, which is when a local authority fails to give a decision within the determined eight or thirteen weeks period (depending on the type of proposal).

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Planning Appeal Formats

When it comes to planning appeals, the case complexities usually determine the format used in the appeal process. At Base, we are skilled at managing all types of formats, whether it’s written representations, hearings, or public inquiries.

Regardless of the format of the appeal, our seasoned team at Base is dedicated to smoothly handling the process, offering professional advice, and advocating passionately on your behalf. By meticulously preparing and formulating convincing arguments, our aim is to successfully navigate your project through the obstacles of the planning application appeal process.

With the complexities involved in planning appeals, our team pays meticulous attention to detail, robust argument formulation, negotiating prowess, and extensive planning law knowledge to successfully navigate the appeals process.

This is the most common and simplest form of appeal. Both the appellant and the local planning authority submit written statements outlining their arguments in relation to the relevant planning policies used in the refusal. These are then assessed by the appointed inspector who makes the final decision. This process is ideal for less complex cases where the points of dispute can be clearly expressed in writing.

This format is typically used for more complex issues that benefit from roundtable discussion. The process is less formal than a public inquiry, but more so than the written representation route. Hearings provide a discussion forum where the appellant, the local planning authority, and other interested parties can openly discuss key issues. An inspector oversees and facilitates the discussions, and subsequently makes a decision based on these discussions and any submitted documents.

This is the most formal and complex format, often reserved for major development proposals or cases that generate significant public interest. The process mirrors a court hearing involving cross-examinations by barristers, and is presided over by an inspector. Public inquiries require vast preparation and extensive knowledge of planning law. Although they can be more costly and time-consuming, they are often integral to reaching fair decisions on cases that have far-reaching impacts.

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Guided by two decades of experience, we are dedicated to moving your initially refused or condition-laden projects forward, turning each challenge into an opportunity for success. 

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